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Introduction to the Yún

A few days back I had my first look at the Intel Galileo. Since then, I've had time to cast my eye over another remarkable IoT board - the Arduino Yún.


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Date: September 1st at 2:00pm
Author: Gregory Kelleher
Tags: arduino, intel, IOT

Web Development Tools & Guide

Building a site these days isn't as easy as when I started. Before, I could've been satisfied with just a html page, some basic css & maybe some javascript. These days I seem to be tripping up over a bunch of different technologies, all vying for attention.


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Date: August 21st at 8:44am

First steps with Intel's Galileo

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to set up my new Intel Galileo (Gen 2). Not an easy task as I found out!


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Date: August 17th at 11:12am
Tags: arduino, intel, IOT

How I made my robot

Settle in for a long read; today I wanted to write about how I built my robot - straight from scratch.


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Date: July 26th at 9:33am

Dublin Maker Faire 2015

Dublin Maker Faire was on and I brought my little rover along for the day.


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Date: July 25th at 5:29pm

Student Placement System

Not long ago I completed a vector logo for a software company as part of an in-house product they were working on.


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Date: June 13th at 8:00am

Primitive Motor Control Tutorial

When it comes to controlling motors using an Arduino, there's never a shortage of options. One such way is by using a small but capable integrated circuit like the SN754410. And here's why.


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Date: May 4th at 1:04pm

LED Display Driver Tutorial

There are many different ways of controlling LEDs using an Arduino and using a MAX7219CNG chip is one such way. You’ll most likely stumble across it much like I did once you’ve exhausted all your options using shift registers & ‘daisy-chaining’ begins sounding monotonous.


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Date: April 4th at 3:34pm
Tags: arduino, tutorial

Millhouse Pottery

I thought I'd share a simple sample logo I made for a company awhile ago. It's a vector drawing I've hand-drawn in illustrator.


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Date: March 16th at 11:11am
Author: Gregory Kelleher

Turks & Caicos

Another simple vector based logo design. An early example of my first foray into the online graphic design marketplace. Can't say I'll be returning to that scene anytime soon...


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Date: February 21st at 6:02pm