Dia Ḋuit, Gꞃéagóiꞃ is ainm dom agus fáilte go dtí mo ṡuíoṁ gꞃéasáin


My name's Gregory Kelleher and I'm a software engineer working for Qualcomm in Ireland

I've been lucky to have experience in a range of software domains spanning Automotive, IoT, Cloud to AI Accelerators. Accordingly, I've built a proven track record contributing to high-profile projects across both Research and Production

I'm well-versed in C++17 and Modern CMake, and have a keen interest in doing technical presentations in my spare time


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Software Engineer • January 2021 - current

Member of Qualcomm’s high-calibre Corporate R&D team, designing and developing middleware for state-of-the-art Cloud AI inference accelerator

Responsible for architecting and delivering critical feature sets (namely stream profiling tooling to provide performance analysis and optimisations)

Self-driven effort to introduce CTest and Conan into project repositories, leading to more efficient build pipelines and streamlined dependency management

Heavily contributed to the design and development of a specialised Windows kernel-mode driver (KMDF) solution

Advocated and prevailed on the choice of C++17, following best practices; duly led the conversion of ancillary drivers to adopt the same model I espoused

Pioneered implementation of WPP software tracing, significantly enhancing diagnostic capabilities and enabling real-time monitoring of system events

Took the initiative in designing Cloud AI Manager, akin to Nvidia DCGM, and executed extensive software prototypes, ultimately securing project approval

Tailored Jupyter notebooks to showcase the performance of Hugging Face NLP/ML models on Cloud AI hardware, illustrating capabilities to stakeholders

Overstock.com Ltd

Software Engineer • January 2021 - January 2022

Responsible for building and maintaining a suite of cloud-native microservice applications in live production for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Initiated and successfully deployed the AWS CDK IaC framework, significantly improving the efficiency of infrastructure provisioning and management

Jaguar Land Rover Research & Development Ireland Ltd

Automotive Software Engineer • August 2018 - January 2021

Over 2 years of experience delivering robust software at the highest ISO 26262 ASIL-D rated safety-critical requirements; in research and production settings

Continuous contributions to the BSP for the new Land Rover Defender (L663)

Built extensive experience with latest automotive virtualisation technologies

Heavily involved in the design and development of the off-boarding agent for the Land Rover Defender, with the goal to provide SOTA capabilities to enable Level 2 grade ADAS diagnostics

Long-term commitment writing bespoke software to evaluate experimental EVA architecture proposals

Assisted in the construction of a full-sized vehicle skeleton rig to demonstrate software running on genuine automotive hardware

Maintained and enhanced cross-team GitLab CI/CD pipeline at scale

Intel Research & Development Ireland Ltd

Software Engineer • Feb 2017 - Aug 2017, May 2016 - Sept 2016

Contributed to latest firmware for Quark SoC Atlas Peak BSP and built proficiencies with dynamic testing analysis for SoCs

Delivered research project on IoT security, showcasing 'Zero-Touch' Secure Device Onboarding with Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) algorithms


Systems/Application Programming and Scripting

  • Modern C++ (C++17 and above) with Modern CMake (3.0+)
  • Git, Clang/GNU toolchains, Google Test, CTest and Conan
  • Static Analyzer tooling like Clang-format, Clang-Tidy, Cppcheck, LDRA
  • Familiarity with industry standards: ISOCPP, ISO26262, AutoSAR
  • Python (3.8 and above) alongside Pylint, Black, Pytest
  • Jupyter Notebooks with PyTorch and Hugging Face Transformers Library

Operating Systems and Platforms

  • Windows (WDK), Linux and QNX (Micro-kernel UNIX)
  • Numerous (x86/ARM) evaluation boards and SoC platforms
  • Yocto Project and BitBake

Web and CI/CD

  • GitLab Runner, Jenkins, Docker, AWS CDK, Ansible, Artifactory, GCP Cloud


Maynooth University • B.Sc. Computer Science and Software Engineering • 2014 - 2018

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