Dia Ḋuit, Gꞃéagóiꞃ is ainm dom agus fáilte go dtí mo ṡuíoṁ gꞃéasáin

Decision Theory and Software Design

For a discipline supposedly rooted in rationale and logic, it's surprising there isn't a greater emphasis placed on decision theory. All too often, critical decisions are led by heuristics rather than formal methods.


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Date: March 16th at 12:23pm

Programming as Gaeilge

This might appear a little left-field, but it's always surprised me how the morphology of the Irish language lends itself to programming constructs.


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Date: February 14th at 12:05pm

The merits of Static Paradigms versus Duck Typing

Having recently returned to dynamically-typed languages, I've found myself stumbling a little without the safety net of type-checking. Yet, I'm not convinced on the principles of duck-typing either.


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Date: February 7th at 1:08pm

The Essence of a Good Program

I decided to do a short write-up about my approach to writing a good program. I'd recently finished reading Clean Code by "Uncle Bob" and I felt evangelised to put what I learnt into action.


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Date: August 13th at 12:23pm
Tags: Programming

A Minor Treatise on the Singleton Design Pattern

It's a favourite past-time of critics to bash on the use of singletons, and that argument has merit. Frequent encounters have left an indelible mark on my psyche. This post is a continuation of an age old argument.


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Date: August 4th at 3:46pm

Updating to Caddy 2

I've finally bit the bullet and made the long-overdue update to the latest version of Caddy. Read ahead to find out how I made my changes.


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Date: August 2nd at 5:16pm

Under lock and key with PGP

Given my newfound interest in Computer Security, I took to scrutinising my own habits and explored ways in which I could improve upon my own everyday practices. Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is one such outcome that came from my findings.


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Date: August 18th at 8:01pm